iAssure - An Internal Auditing Tool

iAssure-you don’t let your guard down

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations.

Internal audit is an integral part of any organization be it a Manufacturing Industry, Chemical factory or for that matter a Shopping Mall. Audits serve the purpose of giving early warning about the things that are not going properly in the organization.

Current system: The current internal audits are done manually. Here the auditor goes to the auditee with a paper-based checklist and does the audit functionality. Audit data is buried deep in the physical files and it is not easy to retrieve the data and gauge the organization compliance on a time scale.

iAssure logo:

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The above logo says your compliance rules are on the right side of the scale. iAssure is watching with an open eye to ensure organizations do not let their guard down.

Our implementation: Our system brings in a lot of flexibility to the audit process. Generally, in any organization,a auditor will be traveling from head office to different locations to conduct an internal audit. Using our system a remote audit can be performed. This saves time and money of the organization.


The Chief Auditor can add a check list which can be used by the auditor for the regular audits. Based on the organization performance the Chief Auditor can modify the existing check list at any point of time. This provision to modify brings in a lot of dynamism into the system. For each of the checklist items, a weightage can be given. As an example, an audit item which is related to financial transaction carries higher weightage when compared to an item which audits the cleanliness of an employee’s desk. A planned or surprise audit can be scheduled. In case of planned audits both the auditor and auditee will get an advanced notification. In case of surprise audit, only the auditor is informed and it is really a surprise for the auditee.

During the audit process, the auditee can upload any supporting documents which include images and submit to the auditor. On a specific item, the auditor and auditee can have a conversation. The overall process can be depicted below:

Benefits of iAssure:

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