Unical Solar Inverter

Unical Solar Inverter (USI) from Unical Systems (www.unical.in) uses solar power source, AC power source, and battery power source. When the solar power is available, battery is charged by using solar energy, otherwise it charges using main AC 230V supply.

In this inverter, either solar power or main AC 230V power gets converted into high voltage DC. Similarly, the12V battery power also gets converted into high voltage DC. Collectively, in this inverter, three complementary power sources work with appropriate congruence.


To manage these three complementary power sources, the robust power control units are used. These three power scenarios work in well-coordinated way to handle the following three scenarios -

In this Unical Solar Inverter, the single DC source is given to the inverter for converting DC to AC. Finally, the converted AC power is used for the load.Once the batter is fully charged, only 15% the power is drawn from AC PCU & remaining 5% is taken from the battery.