Simple A to Z tips for your success

A Aim for your success. Have the required dedication, determination, and discipline to have high success
B Be clear on the scope. Most of the times, the problem is with 'undefined/elastic' scope.  Be clear on - what you do?  And what you don't?
C Commit to schedule. The nightmares of schedule slippage are evident for every exam.  Never accumulate the backlogs.
D Diligently plan and deploy your activities. Plan your work, and work your plan is apt here.  Most of the times, we are struck because we don't know what to do next?
E Ensure right real-time plan. Planning is not aone-time affair.  Ensure real-time updates and corrections to your plan.  Keeping a 'static plan' is a big pitfall for several people.
F Focus on reviews. Let there be critics around you to gauge your progress.  Otherwise, be a good 'self-critic' for fine-tuning your path to success.
G Get the game plan right. Classify your priorities and activities in a right way so that you don't miss anything.
H Have high team spirit. TEAM:  Together Everyone Achieves More.  Aiming for a collective success is always prudent than a solo.
I Introspect regularly. Am I doing things right?  Am I doing right things should be the constant thought-provoking questions for you until you reach your zenith.
J Jack up the zeal. Is interest fading?  If passion coming down?  Don't give up - 'Recharge and rejuvenate your battery'.
K Know what to do & when to do. The sequence of steps matter for optimum results.  Be clear on which one to do first and which one to do at the last.
L Look-up for challenges/risks. No pain - no gain.  But, ensure you never face excessive pain.  Always handle the risks and challenges in a prudent way.
M Manage stakeholders effectively. Who are the others aiming for your success?  What role are they paying in your success?  Be clear - and ensure you don't create any understanding gaps.
N Never give-up. The path towards success is like a mountaineering expedition.  Easy to reach lesser heights.  But, the problem is with the greater heights that give immense satisfaction.  Never give-up until you are at the zenith.
O Opt for an optimum solution. Are you struck?  Are you unable to move forward?  There cannot be only one solution.  Pick the right solution that suits your situation.  Keep moving.
P Perform all the  tasks Once you planned a task - you should not further classify as big or small.  Every task matters - in fact, the smallest screw holds the biggest vessel.  Don't miss any.
Q Quantify your output. If you can't measure you can't gauge your progress.  Always quantify your yield and compare that with your planned output for that particular tollgate.
R Record the progress regularly. Almanac helps us to understand what you did right, what you could have been better.  Recording the progress regularly helps you to have the best possible finish.
S Stick to FTR(First Time Right) & OTD (On-Time Delivery). Be right and be on-time for every activity that you do.  There cannot be any 'trial' scenarios in the real-life.
T Test each intermediate targets thoroughly. Ensure that the smaller activities can integrate to give you the better.  Have appropriate validation for every intermediate target - be it a chapter finish, be it a specific tollgate finish.
U Understand the other side. Unfortunately, in real-time scenarios, the success is not absolute.  It is relative.  Understand the competition - how others are aiming for the same or similar success?  How would you want to benchmark your self with them?
V Validate the outcomes Do you know Pareto Principle? In summary, it says - "There are only 20% of causes for our 80% of the problems".  But, we don't know what arethat 20 %.    Always validate your performance.
W Wrap-up your assignment. Life is series of successes and failures.  Have serious retrospection after completing your assignment (that you aimed to be successful).  Record the best practices and lessons learned.
X Xerox the success (es). Once you have a success - remember Newton's law "An object in motion stays …. Unless acted upon by unbalanced forces".  Let your saga of successes continue - don't bring any unbalanced forces.
Y Yield for the next success Buckle-up for the next success
Z Zip past in the race. Accelerate further - aim to be "the most successful person".  You can do it.